Tips for Transitioning Into a Life with a Teen Driver

The hardest time in a parent’s life is not when they visit college, or when they start kindergarten, or the first time they may have sex with your basement while you’re upstairs watching the news, it’s when they finally figure out how to drive and legally can take a real motor vehicle out onto the road where certain death awaits them literally every day. If you’re ever going to get another decent night’s sleep, there are many things you can do as a parent to make it easier for yourself, although there’s not good way to transition into this era of life. Here are some tips.

Train Them Yourself


Training a secure driver fails to start the time they receive their learner’s permit. In fact it starts much earlier than that. You want to lead by example and always practice safe driving techniques as soon as your child is within the car. Which means no texting and driving, folks. Also, when they get to be about 13 or 14, or really whenever they start showing desire for driving, you can start giving them subtle lessons while you’re driving them around. Explain how you look in the mirrors to make sure you have a great monitor of where the other cars are. Tell them, out loud, some of the things you because of stay safe, and those lesson will be kept by your child when it’s their turn to take the wheel. Safety is bred not learning in a classroom. Maintain a culture of car safety at all times.

Get them a secure Car


You must never underestimate the importance of the automobile itself. Remind them that that’s for them to get when they is able to afford one after their first job or when they proceed through an early mid-life crisis at age 32, although your youngster will obviously want the flashiest and coolest car they can escape you. For now, you’ll want something like a sedan. No crazy cars like Jeeps. So, if you go to jeep mission viejo, explore the used cars and get something reasonable such as a Hyundai or possibly a Honda. A Jeep itself would only encourage them to drive with reckless abandon. Glance at the used car selection herein:

Have Lots of Kids


The most effective technique is to ensure that you don’t have only one child. That’s called putting all your eggs in a basket. You greatly increase the odds that one or more will live to a ripe old age to be able to take care of you when you’re older for those who have at least six or seven children. Safety in numbers they say, playing the odds. It’s a great motivation for excessive breeding. Sure, you’ll mourn the loss of a young child when they slam into a pole because they were texting their girlfriend, nevertheless the loss will probably be assuaged if you realize you can find six others still available who love you for who you are because of their genetic commitment to you.