Top 10 Volkswagen Rabbit Features


The name Rabbit was the name given to first generation of Volkswagen Golfs sold in the US market. After that, VW returned to the European Golf namplate until it was briefly reinstated for the Mk5 Golf range fitted with the 2.5L five-cylinder engine. This car was also known as the Rabbit. However, the name wasn’t suited for the respective performance versions, that were simply known as the VW GTI. The Rabbit name has remained exclusive to the American market and we understand there are no plans to take it back any time soon.

Small displacement engines and an affordable price point makes the Rabbit desirable for both tuners and those requiring a reliable and fuel efficient daily driver. Starting inside the mid ’70’s to today Rabbits are already a popular option for many within the Euro tuner scene.

Although some go beyond and above standard aftermarket bolt-ons others stick with a tight budget of DIY additions – both varieties of tuner is available within the list below. Each, though, was built with passion and dedication. This list will be the culmination of the most popular eurotuner VW Rabbit features on the best 10 years based on page clicks on your part. Whatever your choice, let us know from the comments section below, which build you want best.