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“It’s just a dyno queen.”. We’re talking head-to-head high-speed highway pulls in monster horsepowerLambos and Supras, and GT-Rs, like the ones you’ve probably seen doing battle on YouTube on the TX2K annual gathering for horsepower addicts. If you’re a road racer or autocrosser or even a drifter, chances are you’ve made a snide comment much like this about some insanely high horsepower project that wasn’t built for motor-sports, but rather to post an enormous number in the dyno and dominate around the street.

Iowa native Chase Lautenbach developed his need for extreme speed at a young age, thanks in large part towards the influence in the Fast & Furious films. He’s still just a “dumb 22-year-old kid who enjoys to have fun and go fast,” but that doesn’t change the fact that Chase with his fantastic Hawkeye State partners from 3D DKT and Motorsports Performance have built the most powerful and fastest street-going Mitsubishi Evolution X in the world.

Chase originally bought this Evo like a fun daily driver which he could take to the track for a few hot laps. After my first time at the track using the car [the second weekend he owned it], I knew I was completely hooked on it, though “Honestly, all I wanted to do was an intake, exhaust, and some suspension stuff. Still, my plans were not to do anything major, maybe just a little bit bigger turbo and e85 so I could keep up with the Corvettes better down thethe guy who got me to jump ship upon an all-out track build and instead create a monster street Evo X. I focus on the side to get a street race video company called 1320video, and we were out filming Lance’s Evo 8 at TX2K12. His car made almost 900 whp. As he got on it plus it literally walked sideways on the interstate at 3 a.m. at 120 mph, I knew I had to have a fast Evo in my life,” Chase said.

It wasn’t a long time after that he teamed up with Chad Vincent at 3D Motor-sports, who’s done all the wrenching on this Evo, and Devin Torgerson from DKT Performance, who’s been the main source for all the go-fast goodies. “The turning point during the build was when Devin and I decided we wanted to go crazy and shoot on an Evo X horsepower record just as Chad from 3D Motorsports was sending me pictures of my freshly rebuilt short-block, as Chase explained. Chad, being the awesome builder he is, loved the new plan, so we sent the complete block back to Dave’s Crankshaft Service for sleeving and porting.”

From that point on, the goal ended up being to build the highest horsepower Evo X in the world and have it be an all-around street car. That meant keeping the air conditioning, power steering, and stereo, while making enough all-wheel-drive jam to overcome the 816-whp record. By having an ERL sleeved 2L block stuff with CP pistons, Manley rods, and held together with ARP his, Chad and fasteners team at 3D Motorsports then bolted up the Extreme Turbo Systems twin-scroll turbo system built around a Precision 6466 snail effective at supporting as much asincluding a Buschur Racing double pumper kit with modified Walbro 255-lph fuel pumps and FIC 2150cc fuel injectors, Chase handed the secrets to Justin “Hollywood” Garrett at Precision Violence, who tuned the factory ECU using EvoScan. The end result was certainly worthy of a nickname like Hollywood, because Chase’s Evo X didn’t just break the horsepower record, it smashed it to pieces with an astounding Dynojet-spec 908.7 awhp at a mind-blowing 42 psi of boost.

Chase and his team knew a gearbox competent at holding 608 lb-ft of torque would be a necessity, therefore the 5-speed manual was shipped to Jacks Transmissions in Colorado for a complete overhaul that fixed the center diff pin issue and the 3-4 fork wear issue, as well as synchro blueprinting to eliminate the annoying third gear crunch that plagues these gearboxes.

Like most street dominator builds, Chase has kept the exterior of his Evo X looking pretty subtle, simply adding a Rexspeed carbon-fiber front lip, fog light deletes, and a duckbill spoiler to go along with the lowered and widened stance, thanks to AMR coilovers and 18×10.5-inch Enkei NT03 M wheels and 275/35R18 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo tires.

His crew rolled out for TX2K13 with the aim of shocking several of the big boys in the high-speed street scene, including Underground Racing and its world-famous Lamborghinis. There’s a great deal of video proof of Chase’s TX2K adventure on 1320video’s YouTube channel, including some seriously epic highway pulls and several equally impressive parking lot trash talk with the Underground Racing crew (who wouldn’t give Chase a fair run, unfortunately). Clearly, our boy Chase doesn’t mind a bit of drama, since because he put it, “I’d like to give you a shout-out to the UR guys for making me famous, though they wouldn’t race me.”

2011 mitsubishi lancer evolution x pressure gauge

2011 mitsubishi lancer evolution x ETS twin scroll turbo kit

2011 mitsubishi lancer evolution x innovate wideband gauge

Specs & Details

2011 mitsubishi lancer evolution X

Engine 4B11T 2L turbocharged inline-four

Engine Modifications ERL sleeved 2L block, Dave’s Crankshaft Service ported cylinder head and engine assembly; CP pistons, Manley turbo tuff I-beam rods, ARP rod bolts and 625 head studs; Cometic head gasket, Kelford Stage 2 camshafts, Supertech springs, retainers and valves; ETS twin-scroll turbo kit (Precision 6466), 4-incj. intercooler, chargepipes, dump-tube, 3-inch downpipe and intake; TiAL 38mm wastegates, FIC 2150cc injectors, AMS fuel rail, AEM fpr, Buschur double pumper kit with Walbro 255-lph fuel pumps, Synapse diverter valve, custom oil catch can with Boomba Racing check valve, MAperformance heat shields, Invidia B2B 3-inch race exhaust

Engine Management EvoScan tune by Precision Violence, Grimspeed 3-port EBC

Drivetrain Jacks Transmissions-built 5-center and speed diff pin upgrade; ACT HD twin disc clutch kit

Wheels, Tires & Brakes Enkei NT03 M 18×10.5-inch 15 offset wheels, Hankook Ventus 275/35R18 V12 Evo tires, Hawk HPS brake pads

Suspension AMR Engineering coilovers with custom spring rates, Whiteline sway bar (r)

Exterior Rexpeed R-style carbon-fiber front lip, carbon-fiber fog light deletes, and carbon-fiber duckbill spoiler

Interior Defi gauges with the playback system, Innovate wideband o2 gauge

Numbers 908.7 608 and awhp.7 awtq at 42 psi

Special Thanks Chad Vincent at 3D Motorsports and hisMandy and wife, because of not killing us for all the nights we kept him at the shop, Devin Torgerson at DKT Performance for helping me map out the getting and build me all my parts to make it happen, Kyle Loftis at 1320video for all of the video coverage of the car that truly made this thing famous, Andrew Humphrey for being a tremendous help along with the brain behind the build, Garrett Mitchell for spending countless hours in a car with me while tuning the ECU, and all my boys at 1320video to have my back throughout the build and while running my mouth at TX2K-haha-love you guys!